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The tables stylesheet provides basic styling for a basic table and a datalist table.

iPhone Specifications
  iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS iPhone 3G iPhone
  *Not Spcified      
Storage 16 or 32GB 8, 16, 32GB 8 or 16GB 4, 8 or 16GB
Memory 512MB 256MB 128MB 128MB
Processor Speed 1Ghz* 600Mhz 412Mhz 412Mhz
Screen Resolution 640x960 320x480 320x480 320x480
Camera 5MP(rear) 3MP(front) 3.0MP 2.0MP 2.0MP
Project Updates
Client Date Project Hours Total Completed By Action
      21.2 $1169.00    
Just Things 12/12/2010 Updates 4.5 $247.50 Bob Edit This ItemDelete This ItemView This Item
Bits n Bobs 20/12/2010 Minor Changes 2.2 $121.00 John Edit This ItemDelete This ItemView This Item
Tableware 03/01/2011 Layout Change 6.0 $333.00 Jane Edit This ItemDelete This ItemView This Item
Stuff & Nonsense 04/01/2011 New Design 8.5 $467.50 Fred Edit This ItemDelete This ItemView This Item

Not Just a Grid is developed by Al Redpath / Outrageous Creations!


Not just a Grid is licenced under the MIT licence.

Thanks & Inspiration

The work of the following people and projects has been the inspiration behind Not Just a Grid, a great deal of thanks go out to all of them.

Eric Meyer for his CSS reset, Nathan Smith for, Olav Bjørkøy for Blueprint CSS, Harry Roberts for Typogridphy, Stéphane Curzi for Baseline, Jeff Croft for interesting discussions, Veerle Pieters for CSS Inspiration, Mark James for the Silk iconset, Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks, plus anyone else who I may have forgotten.


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